Isel - iRD 80 - Torque Motor

The iRD series torque motors are multi-pole, permanent-exciter three-phase current synchronous motors with hollow shaft rotors with an optimal price/performance ratio. The respective unit consists of rotor, housing, bearing and sensor system. With the iRD compact torque motors high torques are produced right on the rotor. This eliminates unnecessary elasticity and gear backlash. Add to his minimised frictional losses, high torsional rigidity and a high level of efficiency. The seal between rotor and stator ensures trouble-free operation, even under complex conditions. The precise 4-point bearing is designed for high stress, with excellent rotation and axial run-out accuracy. The integration of the measuring system on the rotor shaft achieves high repeat and positioning accuracy. The iRD torque motors are virtually maintenance-free with a long lifetime.


  • improved storage of the rotor shaft for high maximum moments
  • horizontal and vertical design
  • no mechanical transmission elements
  • high torque in a compact design
  • very good repeatability and positioning
  • very good concentricity and axial run-out
  • large hollow shaft
  • measuring system directly on the rotor shaft



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iRD 80 - Torque Motor