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Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - RTA EtherCAT FLEX-DRIVE now available from Micromech

Micromech would like to announce the latest series of EtherCAT stepping motor drives from RTA. 


RTA - Flex DriveFeatures

  • The Flex-Drive allows connection with any stepper motor up to Nema 24 (60mm) with or without encoder feedback, supporting PP, CSP, CSV and Homing mode of operation
  • All models are equipped with one configurable fast capture input, suitable for Touch Probe, proximity or free use.
  • Easy Setup: no need to program software; all settings are made through EtherCAT network.
  • Separated power supply for logic circuit and motor power.


RTA Flex-Drive: Perfectly fitting Trio Flexslice architecture


RTA - Flex Drive- The series is designed to fit into the FLEXSLICE system, the modular EtherCAT architecture by Trio Motion Technology


- The direct connection with FLEX-6-NANO or FLEX EtherCAT COUPLER creates a powerful multiaxis modular system, composed by a Motion Controller, stepping motor drives, digital and analogues I/O, all sharing the same internal EBUS and logic power supply.



 MSE-408  24-48 VDC  4 Amps  Encoder
 MSB-204  24-48 VD  2.5 Amps  Open Loop


For details of the full RTA range email sales@micromech.co.uk or for technical help call 01376 333333.


The use of these images came with permission from RTA.