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Mon 15th Jul 2019 - Available from Micromech – Premo, Wittenstein’s new powerful actuator platform

Absolute precision meets perfect movement: premo combines precision with motion  - as efficiently as never before

Wittenstein - PremoThe central idea behind the first fully scalable servo-actuator platform from Wittenstein is an uncompromising flexibility from the viewpoint of the user. Motors and gearboxes with application related graduated performance characteristics can be configured modularly to individual motor/gearbox units. The result is a modular system that is significantly more versatile and more individual with regard to performance for the most diverse applications, that meets almost all the challenges of automation, integration and industry specification.

The core of the motor/gearbox unit is a torsionally rigid precision gearbox with low backlash and excellent torque density in conjunction with the equally powerful, permanently excited synchronous servo motor, which guarantees low cogging and a constant speed through the distributed winding.
The Premo actuator generation opens new dimensions in terms of performance with doubled power density and minimal installation space requirements. The Premo boasts increased productivity and optimised energy efficiency thanks to digital, single-cable technology providing more freedom during planning, design and storage as well as lower investment costs.

Typical fields of application:

-  Delta robot (axes 1-3, swivel axis)
-  Handling portal (Z axis, swivel/rotating)
-  Machine tool reaming
-  Tubular bag packaging
-  Folding carton packaging
-  Plastic thermoform (tool axis)
-  Intralogistics (AGV)

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The use of these images came with permission from Wittenstein.