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Mon 8th Jul 2019 - RTA’s CSD range of high quality, cost effective stepper drives with EtherCAT available from Micromech

RTA - CSD Stepper 

The CSD series of stepper drives from RTA is a range of ministep bipolar chopper drives suitable for driving medium-low power two-phase stepper motors with four, six or eight terminals

The drives are compact, easy to use and cost effective. They designed for easy backplate mounting. They are ideally suited to low power applications requiring precision, smoothness and low acoustic noise.


  • Microstepping: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 step per rev.
  • Operating voltage ranges: 24-48Vdc
  • Current ranges: Eight possible values between 0.7A and 4.4A.
  • Auto current reduction on standstill.
  • Electronic damping function for acoustic noise and vibration reduction at low and medium speeds.
  • Separated connectors for signals and power connections.
  • Pull up and pull down input signals for easy interfacing with the most common control systems.
  • Protection against under and over voltage, short circuit at motor outputs and over temperature.

For details of the full RTA range email sales@micromech.co.uk or for technical help call 01376 333333.


The use of these images came with permission from RTA.