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Mon 24th Jun 2019 - ‘T’ Series high load capacity electric cylinders with RediMount™ from Thomson

Thomson 'T Series'


Precision electric cylinders are widely used in handling, machining and manufacturing applications. In addition they are often used is to replace of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders where they bring many benefits and advantages when compared to the older technologies.

A broad range of options and accessories added to Thomson’s vast experience in building custom units makes it easy to find the perfect cylinder for almost any application in most environments.

The ‘T’ Series precision electric cylinder has proved to be the ideal solution for thousands of applications throughout the world.

Precision rolled ball screws provide smooth, quiet motion and accurate positioning, while the slide guide bushings and the rugged exterior design allow it to be used in the toughest applications.

The T Series combines durability, performance and ease of use with a large selection of factory-engineered options and accessories. The RediMount™ motor mounting adapter kit is available as a standard feature, making it easy to mount a suitable motor as well as making fitting quick and easy.

Uses and benefits:

Precision electric cylinders are often a better choice than hydraulic or pneumatic alternatives due to simpler installation, easier and greater control, lower energy costs, higher accuracy, less maintenance and noise, and a cleaner, healthier environment;

Thomson T Series 

‘T’ Series available sizes:

The ‘T’ Series is available in three frame sizes the T60, T90 and T130

T60 can provide forces up to 10,000N with strokes of up to 1500mm.
T90, forces up to 20,000N and strokes of 1500mm
T130, forces of up to 60,000N and strokes of 2000mm


The Thomson ‘T’ Series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Coupled with a perfectly matched drive/control solution, Micromech can provide the perfect linear motion solution.


  • Valve control – Process industry, ventilation equipment, packaging machines
  • Pressing and clamping – Machine tools, paper industry, plastic industry
  • Edge guide control – Paper mills, printing, textiles
  • Backstop adjustment – Woodworking machines, machine tools
  • Loading/unloading – Handling equipment, packaging industry

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