Wed 26th Jul 2017 - Meet the Team - Leighton Chatfield

Meet the Team - LeightonHello, I’m Leighton Chatfield and I’ve recently started here at Micromech as the External Technical Sales Contact.

I’ve been here for around 3 months now and am thoroughly enjoying my time thus far.

I left school at 16 where I went straight into employment, my first job being  at the Andover Woolworths where I worked as a jack of all trades from till work to taking in deliveries to till overrides which looking back was a symptom of being the youngest male full time employee!

The next few years were a collection of different roles (I was young!) until I eventually found my calling in a telesales role, it was from there that I took to pursuing a technical based sales role ending up with where I am now.

I have a strong interest in technology as well as delving into how things work and why things are the way they are. While my interest in current tech forms a strong part of my personality, I also am very interested in emerging technologies, my current interest being blockchain tech which I’m convinced is going to change the world!

In my spare time when I’m not at home with our cat Erik and my wife Lydia, I like to visit family and friends as well as going for dinner and trips with Lydia who I married last year and have been with for over 10 years (I know, I know, it took us long enough to get married!) We got married in Kosice in Slovakia which is where Lydia is originally from, we spend almost all of our holiday time there and I frequently choose to drive there as opposed to flying; there’s only so much home made wine and jam you can bring back on a plane! Those who know me will know that I’m a massive advocate of Slovakia so I’m always happy to answer questions.

Meet the team - Leighton 

So yes, that about sums me up, oh and if anyone out there is interested the car in the picture is a circa 1950’s Skoda Felicia convertible, which while lovely was not really suited for modern day body types! The other picture is at the top of one of the many trails of the High Tatras mountain range.