Mon 10th Dec 2018 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas Opening Times

Wed 28th Nov 2018 - Trinamic launches dedicated EtherCAT motion controller IC

The TMC8670 is a single-axis servo motor controller for industrial automation, embedded servo control and other automated equipment applications.

Mon 19th Nov 2018 - Pick the right Parker Electro Thrust cylinder for your application:

The Parker Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) is available from Micromech, Parker's premier systems integration partner

Wed 14th Nov 2018 - Motion Control Design and Support Engineer

We currently have a vacancy for a Motion Control Design and Support Engineer.

Mon 12th Nov 2018 - New from Trinamic; The TMCM 6212 and 6213 six axis stepper controller and drive module

The TMCM-6212 / TMCM-6213 is a six axis controller/drive module for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors with separate encoder (differential) and HOME / STOP switch inputs for each axis.

Thu 8th Nov 2018 - Nippon Pulse acquires Arcus Performax motion controller product line - Now available from Micromech

Nippon is pleased to offer our customers even more quality motion control products with the acquisition of Arcus Technology’s Performax (PMX) motion controllers.

Tue 30th Oct 2018 - New closed-loop, complete mechatronic solution

The PANdrive PD42-x-1370 is a new family of compact, full mechatronic solutions including NEMA 17 / 42mm flange size stepper motors as well as magnetic encoders for position feedback and closed-loop operation.

Wed 24th Oct 2018 - Parker 400XR Series Precision Linear Positioners. When your design demands something better!

The “400XR” precision linear positioners range has achieved global recognition for consistent accuracy, reliable performance, high strength, and unmatched versatility.

Mon 15th Oct 2018 - Why Thomson Stepper Motor Linear Actuators?

Featuring the new motorized lead screw actuator configuration, these components deliver a high level of design flexibility to designers, translate loads using smooth motion and provide users with quick and easy maintenance access.

Mon 8th Oct 2018 - Powerful stepper motor servo modules for driving three axes

Both the TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 are the most powerful stepper servo module for controlling multiple axes with 6.7A.

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 - New: Smaller servo motors with more power from Kollmorgen. Available now from Gold Partner Micromech.

Micromech is proud to be Kollmorgen’s first UK partner to supply the new AKM second generation servomotor!

Mon 24th Sep 2018 - Smart stepper motors – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Micromech presents the PD57/60-1076 and PD57/60-1276 product families of smart motors with housed electronics from Trinamic.

Wed 19th Sep 2018 - New from Trio Motion Technology: The FLEX-6-Nano Integrated EtherCat Controller. Available now from Micromech.

The Flex-6-Nano is a compact, integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion. The on-board memory can be boosted to 32 Gbyte with the addition a micro SD card.

Tue 11th Sep 2018 - Rapid Positioning with Smart Stepper Motor Drives.

Stepper motors are always ideal when a lot of torque and precise, reliable positioning is needed at low and medium speeds. The new PANdrive is pushing the envelope for stepper motor applications to high-speed positioning with up to 5000 rpm.

Tue 4th Sep 2018 - Create the perfect XYZ gantry system for your application with Parker Origa OSPE Belt driven actuators and a little help from Micromech.

Using the OSP-E…BHD and BV belt driven actuators from the Parker Origa System Plus modular concept actuator range, Micromech have created a standard XYZ gantry assembly configurable to suit many applications.

Tue 28th Aug 2018 - Implement your servo controller in a day with the TMC4671

Micromech announces the TMC4671 from Trinamic - the world’s first fully integrated servo controller IC providing field-oriented control for BLDC/PMSM and 2-phase stepper motors, as well as DC motors and voice coils.

Tue 21st Aug 2018 - New from RTA - Combo unit: R-MOD ET

New series of stepper motors with integrated ministep bipolar chopper drives; setting by means of EtherCAT interface and based on encoder.

Mon 13th Aug 2018 - Trinamic launches multi axis stepper motor servo module

The TMCM-3351 extends the successful TMCM-351, which has been on the market for more than a decade, by a closed-loop stepper motor servo controller.

Tue 7th Aug 2018 - The New Kollmorgen AKM2G series range of AC Synchronous Servo Motors – from Micromech

Same performance…..20% less space.

Mon 16th Jul 2018 - The new GALAXIE from Wittenstein….another new cutting edge product available from Micromech

A brand new motor/gearbox type from Wittenstein. Its unique design enables virtually full surface contact during power transmission.

Mon 9th Jul 2018 - State-of-the-art stepper driver with wettable flanks

Trinamic’s monolithic stepper motor driver TMC2202 with integrated MOSFETs allows for optical inspection with its wettable flanks QFN package.

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 - The New Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive are set to make their debut

The AKD2G servo drives are set to make their debut. The new range of products are planned to launch this Autumn 2018.

Mon 25th Jun 2018 - Specifying a Motor for a Hazardous Location? What You Need to Know

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Wed 20th Jun 2018 - The TMCM-1260 – also as PANdrive

Whether as a standalone module or PANdrive PD57/60-x-1260, the TMCM-1260 offers an intelligent solution transforming digital information into physical motion.

Mon 11th Jun 2018 - Food Grade Gearhead Motor Solves Problem for Packaging Manufacturer

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 5th Jun 2018 - Smart Stepper Motor Drivers Enable Rapid Application Development

Stepper motors are always ideal when a lot of torque and precise, reliable positioning is needed at low speeds. Intelligent solutions such as Trinamic’s modules and PANdrive motors with integrated control systems form a simple interface between the digital and the physical world.

Mon 21st May 2018 - Yaskawa AC Drives now in stock at Micromech.

We are pleased to announce that as well as the Parker AC10 Drives, we now also hold stock of the Yaskawa J1000 Series and V1000 Series AC Drives.

Wed 9th May 2018 - Potentially explosive environment?

View our range of explosion proof and ATEX rated motion control equipment.

Wed 2nd May 2018 - Trinamic launches complete EtherCAT slave controllers optimized for real-time

TMC8461 and TMC8462 are the first EtherCAT slave controllers with high voltage I/O and integrated real-time motor control peripherals.

Mon 16th Apr 2018 - Four Key Characteristics to Help Specify the Right Linear Drive Train

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Thu 29th Mar 2018 - Parker AC10 variable speed drives now available from stock at Micromech. Visit

The AC10 compact variable speed drive from Parker is the perfect solution to general motor control applications requiring speed or torque control.

Mon 19th Mar 2018 - What is a Linear Actuator?

Quite simply, a linear actuator is a device that moves a load in a straight line. Linear actuators come in many styles and configurations – our blog post today covers those actuators associated with motion control.

Mon 12th Mar 2018 - Go big with the TMC5160 controller/driver IC

Extending the TMC2100, TMC2130, and TMC5130 family to bigger, high-current stepper motors.

Mon 5th Mar 2018 - Electrak HD is the next generation of electric linear actuators from Thomson - Available with Higher Load Capacity and Synchronization Option

The Electrak HD is a new range of electric linear actuators with onboard electronics, eliminating the need for standalone controls. These new higher power actuators are open to a wider range of hydraulic applications for electric conversion.

Mon 26th Feb 2018 - A Simple Guide to Benefits of Electromechanical Technology

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Thursday, January 25, 2018, on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 20th Feb 2018 - Meet BOB - The easy to use breakout boards shortening your time to market.

We understand that time is a precious resource. Especially with technology, it’s important to drive the industry by reducing your time to market.

Mon 12th Feb 2018 - Nippon Pulse SLP and SCR Linear Shaft Motor Stages

Nippon Pulse offers two types of linear stages – Acculine SLP stages and Nanopositioning SCR stages – both of which are high-precision, single-axis linear stages

Mon 5th Feb 2018 - Select the Best Sealing and Shielding for Linear Mechanics in Harsh Environments

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Thursday, January 25, 2018, on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Thu 1st Feb 2018 - ISEL driven linear actuators, the ideal cost effective solution to reliable and precise linear motion….German engineering available from Micromech.

ISEL provides a wide range of mechanical and electronic motion control products suitable for new machine builds and upgrade projects for both OEMs and end users.

Thu 25th Jan 2018 - SP plus and TP plus low backlash planetary gearheads

Higher output torques and maximum speeds with a larger range of ratios - these are the essential improvements featured in the new SP and TP low-backlash planetary gearboxes from Wittenstein.

Mon 15th Jan 2018 - New from R.T.A - HI-MOD ETS Combo Unit

New series of stepper motors with integrated ministepping bipolar chopper drives.

Tue 9th Jan 2018 - New addition to the Eltra range: a new type of linear sensor:

TMAA, the magnetic linear sensor becomes absolute!