About Micromech Systems

Micromech Systems was established in 1989 when it became clear that customers often required customisation or integration of the motion control products sold.

Modifications ranged from simply fitting gearboxes or adding a wiring harness and connector to a motor.

It soon became clear that there was a need in the market place for a more comprehensive service. We began to design and build motion control systems, basic at first increasing in complexity over the years as our expertise grew.

We progressed from simple drives and controllers built into enclosures to large multi-axis control systems complete with complicated bespoke software, installation and commissioning. Over the years we have also partnered with mechanical engineering companies enabling us to produce large bespoke stand-alone machines and add on machines for existing production lines. Many smaller machines have been designed in house.

During the 30 years Micromech Systems has been established we have worked with diverse range of customers from industries such as nuclear, automaton, research, military, entertainment, automotive, medical and many more.

We are or have been Systems Integrators for a number of large automation product manufacturers such as Parker, Trio, Danahar, Kollmorgen, Rockwell, Yaskawsa, Beckhoff to name but a few.

30 years on, our main focus is to supply motion control systems and solutions for our OEM customers although we still provide a bespoke end user mechanical and electrical design service.