Tsukasa - TG-55, Brushless DC Geared Motor

(1.6 ~ 8.8W) Long Life, Inner Rotor, Compact 3-Brushless Motor

Single Motor Specification


TG-55L-SU (24V), TG-55L-SU (12V), TG-55M-SU (24V), TG-55M-SU (12V), TG-55N-SU (24V), TG-55N-SU (12V),

TG-55 SM

TG-55L-SM (24V), TG-55L-SM (12V), TG-55M-SM (24V), TG-55M-SM (12V), TG-55N-SN (24V), TG-55N-SM (12V),



TG-55L-AP (24V), TG-55L-AP (12V), TG-55M-AP (24V), TG-55M-AP (12V), TG-55N-AP (24V), TG-55N-AP (12V),







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Tsukasa - TG-55