Parker - HLEZ150 - Rack and Pinion Linear Actuator

HLEZ actuators offer the same rugged bearing design as the HLE but with an integral rack-and-pinion drive allowing for endless travel. The unique design gives high performance with no lubrication requirement. Ideal for high speed/long travel applications

The HLE-Z offers the same rugged roller bearing design and industrially hardened structure as the HLE-RB, however the incorporation of a rack-and-pinion drive train allows for truly "endless” travel lengths. This design utilizes Parker's HLE150-RB series as the platform, allowing for significant structural rigidity and high normal loading. The exceptional dynamic characteristics of this unit make it the ideal fit for high speed linear translation and positioning applications over long distances.

The HLE-Z's rack drive system provides fast, highly repeatable positioning of the carriage. The unique rack drive design offers all of the advantages of typical rack and pinion elements without the drawbacks. The driven element is comprised of a short belt element inverted to track into the teeth of the rack. By utilizing belt technology and providing pre-tension to the belt, drive backlash can be eliminated. Additionally, the combination of a steel reinforced timing belt and aluminum rack provides for a safe and clean environment which requires no lubrication. The HLE-Z is ideal for overhead gantry robots, storage retrieval systems and other applications requiring long travels, high performance, and maintenance free operation.

HLE-Z  Belt Driven, Roller Wheel, Rodless Linear Actuator Features:

  • Long travels
  • Independent multiple carriages on a single rail
  • Roller wheel bearings for smooth high speed linear motion
  • Truly unlimited travel
  • T-slot mounting along actuator body and carriage



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Parker - HLEZ150