Wittenstein - LP plus/LPB plus - Low-Backlash Planetary Gearheads

LP plus/LPB plus Generation 3 – Innovation sets standards
Low-backlash planetary gearhead with an output shaft (LP Generation 3) or output flange (LPB Generation 3).

Optionally available with a timing belt pulley.

A reliable and durable member of the planetary gearhead family, the LP / LPB unites the benefits of a proven gearhead concept with low-cost premium quality.

LP plus Generation 3


  • economical servo applications
  • cyclic and continuous operation
  • high nominal speeds
  • dynamic belt applications
  • economical positioning accuracy

LPB plus Generation 3


  • toothed belt applications
  • linear module
  • economical servo applications
  • dynamic belt applications

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Wittenstein - LP plus/LPB plus