Wittenstein - Alpheno - Planetary Gearhead

alpheno® – A new dimension in perfection
Takes gearhead performance to an entirely new level

alpheno® means a quantum leap into a completely new dimension in planetary gearhead performance. For several years now, alpheno® has been the model of choice in many highly challenging applications.

It fulfils requirements that go beyond the performance capabilities of our standard product range. alpheno® achieves up to 140% higher power density than the SP – better than any current market standard.

  • if an even more compact drive is called for
  • if your machine needs to output even more power
  • if specialised system solutions are required
Available options

output type

  • smooth output shaft
  • keywayed output shaft
  • output shaft with involute gearing
  • mounted shaft
  • system output with pinion
  • customized solutions

input type

  • Motor mounted version
  • input shaft


  • Food grade lubrication
  • optimized mass moment of inertia


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Wittenstein - alpheno