Wittenstein - Hygienic Design

Hygienic Design
Reliably clean.

Is the ability to drive, manufacture and pack reliably in a hygienically clean environment a top priority for your company? Hygienic Design, our newest gearhead series, provides innovative and incomparable alternatives for existing and future production processes.

The Hygienic Design gearhead is the first planetary gearhead in the world to be certified by the EHEDG.

Your benefit

  • Optimal sealing properties
  • Suited for hygienic production
  • New design freedom because the drive is integrated directly in the process
  • Fast, efficient and reliable cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning also possible depending on the operating environment
  • all standard motor mounting concepts
  • Special hygienic steel affords excellent resistance to corrosion


  • CIP (Clean in Place) / SIP (Sterilize in Place)
  • Delta robot applications
  • Foodgrade industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Process engineering

Protection against corrosion

Our drive solutions provide innovative, incomparable alternatives for applications in corrosive environments.


  • Special protective coating
  • Food grade lubrication
    (NSF certi?ed)
  • Stainless steel output
  • Flexible design:
    Compatible with the complete product portfolio
  • Optional accessories available:  
    Stainless steel shrink discs, corrosion proof couplings


  • Environments with high humidity
  • Environments where contact with food occurs
  • Delta robots
    (e. g. with TP in corrosion resistant design)
  • Solar industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Outdoor use



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