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X-Y Positioning Tables KT/KT-SRM

PM's XY-tables type KT are compact two axis crossed roller tables with equal strokes for manual operation. The tables are low profile designed and equipped with precision crossed ways. They can operate in every direction and locked in every position. For manual driven operation we supply model KT-SRM with a side mounted lead screw. Table and bearing specifications are similar to model KT.

Material Table Bodies
Steel, nickel plated finishing

  • Compact monolithic design.
  • Incorporates precision crossed roller bearings for high stiffness.
  • Model KT-SRM: Manual driven by lead screw fitted with spring-loaded double nut, division on adjustable vernier ring 0.01 mm. (size 3) model KT: XY-table with locking mechanism.
  • Stroke limited by end screws in way ends.
  • All mounting surfaces are precision ground.
  • One flank of the slide (the side opposite to the adjust ment screws) is ground parallel to the linear bearings to serve as a Reference Face.
  • The table-top and -base comes with threaded mounting holes according to a standard configuration.
  • Accepts mounting in all directions.
  • Orthogonalithy <10 arc-seconds.
  • Precision ball screws
  • Home/limit switches, motor flange (Nema) and coupling
  • Linear encoders either optical or magnetic
  • Special customer design (drawing required)
Notes by ordering
By standard items please specify by ordering the following:
1. Model no. and quantity.

Example: 1 piece XY-tables type KT-3050-60 with lead screw type KT-3050-60-SRM




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PM Bearings - X-Y Positioning Tables KT/ KT-SRM