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What are Composites?
Composite materials are combinations from two or more materials with different, often complementary properties. They consist of a "matrix” phase and a reinforcin phase.

Our drive to develop Carbon Fiber Slides
At the start our goal was to achieve a ultra-lightweight "ready-to-install” slide which can match the specifications of the aluminum crossed roller slides and meet the demands for higher dynamics as in high-speed component placements where mass and rigidity is a ongoing issue.

PM ultra-light slides are made from special selected carbon fiber composites, our specially developed carbon-fiber polymers can achieve a stiffness and strength that is similar to that of aluminum and a weight which is only 20% of that of steel. Through the years PM engineers have built up extensive composite knowledge which found his roots in the defense and aircraft industry.

PM engineers designed outstanding carbon-fiber layers in the tables which utilize the same specifications on accuracy and rigidity as aluminum slides.



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