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Frictionless Aluminum Slides RTNA/ RTLA

PM frictionless slides type RTNA and RTLA are fine pre-loaded linear motion components, ready for mounting. Mainly made in aluminum, this model offers a wide range of benefits as for example; low weight, no stick-slib effect and easy to mount into the application. These slides are designed to meet the demands of general machine industry upto high precision equipments.

Material Table Bodies

Aluminum, clear anodized finishing.

Features and Specifications

  • Incorporates pre-loaded linear bearings type RSD and double-sided track-rail, including roller cages.
  • Slide-top and -base have equal lengths.
  • 2 standard strokelengths (N- and L-stroke). Linear strokes are limited by internal mounted end-stops, two in the slide-top and one or two in the base-plate, depending on RTLA or RTNA version. N-stroke: for normal stroke/travel, with normal loads. L-stroke: for longer stroke/travel, with reduced loads.
  • Size Ø1.5 and Ø2 mm: use in each direction (with brass roller cage type CC). Size Ø3, Ø4, Ø6 (pitch t=9 mm) and Ø9mm (pitch t=14mm), horizontal fitting model (with steel roller cage type AA). Vertical fitting model (with brass roller cage type DD).
  • All mounting surfaces are precision ground. One flank of the slide ( the side opposite to the adjust ment screws) is ground parallel to the linear bearings to serve as a Reference Face.
  • The slide-top is provided with tapped attachment holes, drilled to a standard configuration. The slide-base is equipped with countersunk-bored holes, which accept sockethead screws.


  • Cages can be replaced by plastic crossed roller cages type KZR or type KKLK fitted with balls.
  • Higher accuracy grade slides.
  • Stainless steel version.
  • SF-Class technology for maximum performance.
  • High vacuum modification.

Notes by ordering
By ordering please specify the following:
1. Model no. and quantity.
2. Direction of linear movement (horizontal, vertical or "in between”, only size Ø3, Ø4, Ø6 and Ø9mm).

Example: 1 piece slide type RTNA-3250-Vert. 




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