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Precision Ringslide RPM 3
Play-free pre-loaded circular movement, high running accuracy, reliability and a light and smooth motion are the main features of the RPM-frictionless ringslide. The compact size also makes a low construction possible. This simple but innovating design is based on state-ofthe-art technology developed by the specialists of PM - BEARINGS.

Ringslide RPME

RPME ball recirculating units are single row ball bearings for low to medium loads. The units can be used in every orientation. The main body in made of high quality stainless steel 1.4034 and through hardened at 56 /- 2Hrc and precision ground. The special designed return offers extremely smooth running characteristics. For one set you need to order one inner and one outer recirculator.

RPM-2 row Trackrail
RPM rails are 2-row precision tracks providing spacesaving solutions. They are standard manufactured from high quality stainless steel 1.4034, through hardenend 56 /-2Hrc. RPM guides can be mounted directly into the application.

RPMT - Sliding table
RPMT tables are used to attach and preload the recirculating units to the RPM rail. They are made of hardened stainless steel which allow the user to add custom holes easely. The tables include standard countersunk attachment holes for the recirculating units. Tables are precision ground finished.

The Benefits at a Glance
  •  Field tuning
  • Very compact design
  • All metall design
  • Extreme smooth operation
  • Simple and quick installation.
Ringslides showing excellent respons in precise rotary or angular motion devices such as inspection machines for wafers or laser machining.

Technical Specifications

RPM precision ringslides...
  • are available in sizes up to 500mm OD.
  • are standard supplied in normal quality with max. 10 microns deviation in parallelismof the two raceways.
  • offers an repeatability by the same operation conditions< 3 micron.
  • can operate by temperatures-20ºC up to 80ºC.
  • need to be lubricated with oil CLP DIN 51519 (viscosity between ISO-VG15 and ISOVG100)
  • need a minimum of lubrication
  • can be made to custom print or specifications.
  • are made from stainless steel 1.4034 and through-hardened at 56 /-2Hrc.
  • are supplied with light preload.
  • are high precision components and need to be handled with extreme care.
  • offer unexcelled running performance, long service life,and are easy to assemble.
  • are very compact
Are suitable for
  • operating speeds up to 50 m/min.
  • accelerations up to a= 8 m/sec2.

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PM Bearings - Precision Ringslide RPM
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