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The Problem
            Creeping of the Cage

Shorter production times constantly push machine designers to reach higher speeds, decrease the size and weight of their designs, while increasing machine travel and positioning accuracy to its limits.

Cage creep can occur in non-recirculating linear bearing applications where vibrations, improper mounting, very high-acceleration and de-acceleration, inadequate tolerances on the mounting surfaces, uneven preloading or moment loading is present.

As the cage creeps out from original position there is an increase of friction, reduction of travel length and premature wear of the linear bearings. This shortens the lifetime and can lead to premature failures.

Our Solution
            = the ACC-Solution

Our engineers refreshed a superior solution for use in hightech and extreme dynamic applications. The ACC solution has proven its ability for decades to prevent cage creep in the most demanding applications and under the most severe environment conditions. The ACC system is integrated in the design of the linear bearing without influencing the external boundary or mounting dimensions. This allows you to replace the bearings in existing problem applications with the ACC solution.

The test results prove:

  • No increase of friction
  • No reduction of accuracy
  • No influence of lubrication
  • Increase operational life to its limits
  • Zero cage creeping
  • For all mounting orientations
  • Easy to assemble

The ACC system is the best and most effective solution available. Precision rails with ACC option are currently available with the RSDE-series in all accuracy grades.

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