Trinamic - TMC429 - Stepper Motor Controller

The TMC429 is a triple-axis dedicated motion controller for Laboratory Automation, 3D-Printing, Scanners and other automated equipment applications. It is usable as a trapezoidal ramp generator. The device is designed for an operating voltage of 3.3V…5V. The TMC429 provides a SPI controller and driver interface.


   TMC429-I  TMC429-LI  TMC429-PI24
 Status  active  active  active
 Interfaces  SPI  SPI
 Step / Direction
 trapezoidal  trapezoidal  trapezoidal
 Microsteps  1…64  1…64  1…64
 Features  programmable microstep
 programmable microstep
 programmable microstep
 3  3  3
 Logic Supply  3.3…5V  3.3…5V  3.3…5V
 Package  SSOP16  QFN32 (5x5)  SOP24

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